Advanced Driving Techniques

Advanced Driving Techniques

If you have been driving for a while and feel that you have covered enough road miles to know what you are doing then you may like to consider taking an Advanced Driving course. These courses are designed to help experienced drivers extend their driving skills and experience in the hope that this will raise driving standards.

There are various advanced driving courses out there that can teach you a range of techniques. These are generally based on police approved car control techniques. In general terms a course here will teach you techniques such as:

  • How to drive your car in given situations and on different types of roads.
  • How to identify risk and how to avoid problems.
  • How to assess how fast to drive and when it appropriate to slow down.
  • How to understand what is going on around you on the road and with other drivers.

Drivers have various options when it comes to learning Advanced Driving skills and techniques. Some, for example, will join the Institute of Advanced Motorists, the RoADA -RoSPA Advanced Drivers Association or the High Performance Club. All of these organisations have a range of courses and tests that you can take to learn relevant advanced techniques. There are various benefits to taking on this kind of course. These include:

  • You will probably be able to get lower car insurance costs as insurers recognise that these tests prove that you are a safe driver.
  • You will probably be able to hang on to your no claims discount for longer.
  • You’ll be a safer driver that is trained to be aware of what is going on on the road and with other motorists.
  • You’ll be taught to drive your vehicle for optimum performance which means you will drive the car as it should be driven so you could potentially save money in terms of fuel consumption and car problems.

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