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Heel and Toe Braking – Shifting Technique Tutorial: Hooked On Driving Hooked On Driving shows you how to combine braking and downshifting into one seamless movement. With practice you’ll be doing this on the road like a pro, braking.

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Duration: 02:39

Drivers Republic – Driving Techniques – Power Oversteer

Driving techniques: Power oversteer.

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Duration: 07:06

Advanced Driving Techniques: The Fast Line

Determining the ultimate fastest line around a race circuit is an art in itself. To lay down that “flyer” you must find the perfect compromise between the fastest theoretical line — and what…

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Duration: 07:43

Advanced Driving. UK Techniques and Tips..

Advanced Driving Techniques from a UK POLICE DRIVER. Advanced Driving Tips and Driving Commentary. Find out more here :

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Duration: 06:55

Line Technique — AMG Driving Academy Performance Series Episode 5

In video number five of the AMG Driving Academy Performance Series, professional driver and AMG Driving Academy host and instructor Tommy Kendall teaches you how to find a track’s all-important…

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Duration: 03:38

Driving Lessons: Defensive Driving Tips | Volkswagen Australia Learn how to be a better and safer driver today. Simple driving techniques to help you improve your defensive driving ability…

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Duration: 08:38

On-board: Ferrari F50 – Driving Technique

Onboard footage of the Ferrari F50 at Suzuka track. Pay attention on how the driver shifts down by double clutching and applying the heel-toe shifting technique. Simply beautiful!

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Duration: 02:44

Heel Toe Driving Technique

The heel toe technique is an essential part of racing. See this demonstration on how it’s performed. You see that all the actions take place simoultaneously, all in the blink of an eye- thinking…

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Duration: 18 seconds

How to Drive a Stick Shift Manual Transmission Car – Expert Driver Reveals Technique Click Link to get My FREE PDF with Must Avoid Newbie Mistakes that can ruin a manual transmission, PLUS Additional Instructions to let you hit…

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Duration: 23:56

On-board: Heel Toe – Driving Technique

Heel Toe Driving Technique. Car driving tips.

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Duration: 19 seconds

On-board: Ayrton Senna’s – Heel-and-Toe / Driving Technique

Legendary Ayrton Senna’s Driving Technique. On-board video showing car driving tips. Enjoy! Like, comment and subscribe!

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Duration: 02:39

10 Tips For New Drivers

Here’s a video with some cool driving tips and some of the most frequently asked questions during driving lessons. If you have any suggestions for videos, don’t hesitate.

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Duration: 04:56

Drivers Republic – Driving Techniques – Controlling a FWD car with Martin Rowe

Driving techniques: Controlling a FWD car with Martin Rowe.

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Duration: 09:16

Learn to Drive Stick in a GTO: Advanced Techniques Including Power Shifting!

Part 2 of the original tutorial on how to drive a standard. 0:44 Start it up! 2:55 Rev Matching 4:29 Power Shifting Watch part 1first if you’re a beginner!…

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